National Project Workshop "Marketing of Eco-Electricity in Austria"

Nationaler Projektworkshop "Ökostromvermarktung in Österreich"


This workshop was organised as a national project event in Austria. Primary workshop language was German.

 „Ökostromvermarktung in Österreich“

on 11. May 2010, Technical University of Vienna, Austria

The following presentations have been given during the workshop:

  • The project MASSIG - philosophy, goals and solutions (T. Erge, Fraunhofer ISE)
  • MASSIG - selected project results (C. Obersteiner, Energy Economics Group, Technical University Vienna)
  • Innovative approaches for marketing of renewables and DG in Denmark (A. Andersen, EMD)
  • Status quo of marketing Eco-Electricity in Austria, further perspectives, theses for discussion (L. Weißensteiner and C. Obersteiner, Energy Economics Group, Technical University Vienna)

After the presentations there was a panel discussion focused on the topic "marketing of Eco-Electricity in Austria".

The workshop was attended by representatives from utilities, energy interest groups, politicians, businessman, representatives of industries and others.



       (German Language)