National Project Workshop in Łdź during the 10th International

Conference Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation

16th September 2009


The first Polish national MASSIG workshop was held on 16th September 2009 in Łdź and organized as an accompanying event of the 10th International Conference Electrical Power Quality and Utilisation (EPQU) 2009 (15-17 September 2009).


The dissemination of the information of MASSIG project research and achievements was the primary goal of the workshop. The present situation renewable energy sources and the operation of the Polish support scheme were also discussed, as well as, the dominant trends in the Polish and the European energy policy and electricity market operation have been examined. The most expected changes in the regulatory framework and in operation rules of the power system (balancing and ancillary services) have been presented by the representatives of the Polish TSO (PSE-Operator S.A.) and DSOs, the Regulator (URE – Urząd Regulacji Energetyki). Developers of successful renewable projects share with the audience their experience concerning preparation and implementation of small scale electricity generating plants and CHP. A particular attention has been given by the owners of the power plants to the operation modes and marketing options available in the Polish electricity market dominated by “big” players”. Invited guests from NGO and RES “umbrella” companies presented latest Polish and European legislative amendments and initiatives fostering further development of renewable generation.




The invited presentations were followed by the round-table discussion leading to the conclusions and recommendations, which were very much welcomed by the Regulator and the transmission or distribution system operators.