Final Workshop of the MASSIG project:
"Marketing of Distributed Generation (DG) in Urban Areas"


This Workshop was organised as an event of the European Union Sustainable Energy Week (22-26 March 2010) and took place on 25th March 2010 in the Borschette Building in Brussels, Belgium. The following presentations were given:

  • The project MASSIG - philosophy, goals and solutions (C. Sauer, Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Market potentials and trends for Distributed Generation in Europe (C. Obersteiner, EEG, Technical University Vienna)
  • Report on Marketing Scenarios and pre-conditions for DG and RES access to the market (J. Rösch, badenovaWÄRMEPLUS)
  • Technical adjustment to market requirements (G. Romanovsky, University of Manchester)
  • Economic evaluation of new marketing options for small and medium sized generation (T. Siewierski, Technical University Lodz)
  • "How to start entering the big market as a small player" - Approach and Success Stories (A. Andersen, EMD; with contributions by M. Barnsteiner (badenovaWÄRMEPLUS) and T. Siewierski (Technical University Lodz)
  • "Chances for decentralised electricity generators at energy markets - between demand and reality" (Open panel and auditorium discussion)

The workshop was attended by representatives from utilities, energy interest groups, businessman, representatives of industries and others.