National Project Workshop "Marketing of Small Distributed Generation"

Nationaler Projektworkshop "Vermarktung kleiner dezentraler Erzeuger"


This Workshop was organised as a national project event in Germany. Workshop language was German.

 „Vermarktung kleinerer dezentraler Erzeuger“

am 20. November 2009, Hilton Hotel, Berlin

The following presentations have been given during the workshop:

  • The project MASSIG - philosophy, goals and solutions (T. Erge, Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Energy supply today: markets and products with relevance for distributed generators (C. Obersteiner, EEG, Technical University Vienna)
  • Participation of small producers in big energy markets: requirements and innovative marketing options (C. Sauer, Fraunhofer ISE)
  • Big success stories in a small country: the Danish way (P. Ritter, EMD)
  • The badenova showcase - an example of innovative marketing of electricity (M. Barnsteiner, badenovaWÄRMEPLUS)
  • Regional market places - more than a vision (J. Steunenberg, BTC)

After the presentations there was a panel discussion focused on the topic "chances of distributed generation at the energy markets - conflicts between desire and reality".

A special subject in the discussion was the question what options there are to increase the flexibility of co-generation units (CHP, producing heat and electricity) by intelligent heat management. A wider application of innovative heating concepts, controllable thermal loads and thermal storage systems could significantly help to adjust CHP operation to the needs of the electricity markets. Another subject in the discussion was the handling of generators, which were paid within the German feed-in laws EEG (for renewable generators) or KWKG (for CHP) but stop being eligible for those payments due to age. For such cases it would be good to have professional traders combining the individual generators and marketing the total energy output on the markets. This could be an innovative business chance in future.

The workshop was attended by representatives from utilities, energy interest groups, businessman, representatives of industries and others.



       (German Language)