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Internationaler ETG-Kongress 2009
October 2009
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September 2009
(Fraunhofer ISE / badenova / EMD)







February 2009
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Forum Solarpraxis
November 2008
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The Power Engineering Society (ETG) is the biggest technical and scientific society in Germany in the field of power engineering. The society promotes ongoing development in the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electrical power. Its aims are to spread information about new technological developments, support the internationalization of power supplies, and find viable compromises between society's needs and technically feasible solutions.
Fraunhofer ISE presented main results of the project MASSIG, concentrating on the visions to integrate DG and RES into the overall system of energy supply.


Bibliography: Erge, T.; Link, J.; Sauer, C.; Wittwer, C.: "Visions on the integration for fluctuating distributed generation into the overall system of energy supply"; Internationaler ETG-Kongress 2009, Düsseldorf, Germany, 27 - 28 October 2009


At the CISBAT Conference at Lausanne on September 2-3, 2009 the Fraunhofer ISE had a presentation about innovative electricity marketing options for smaller size CHP. The assessment was based on a practical example, the "badenova showcase". This is a CHP and district heating grid installation in Southern Germany, owned by project partner badenova.
The tool used for this assessment is energyPRO, a modelling software package developed by project partner EMD. After modelling the installation in energyPRO the feasibility of alternative marketing options such as direct electricity trading into the power exchange and the power reserve market was analysed. It turned out that economics of the installation can be improved substantially by the application of innovative marketing strategies.


Bibliography: Sauer, C.; Erge, T.; Barnsteiner, M.: "Demonstration of innovative electricity marketing options from decentralised generation - the badenova showcase"; CISBAT 2009, Lausanne, Switzerland, 2 - 3 September 2009


At the 6th International Energy Economics Conference at Vienna on February 11-13, 2009 the Fraunhofer ISE had a presentation about model based optimisation of CHP and operation management in electrical distribution grid.
Related to the MASSIG project a new model involving flexible feed-in tariffs for smaller CHP in distribution grids was introduced. The main idea of this model is to consider local demand and load situation in the distribution grid and reward financially generation and feed-in during peak load time while lowering total income options during night-times with low electricity consumption.

The full paper (in German language) is available via the conference organiser:

Bibliography: Sauer, C.; Wille-Haussmann, B.; Wittwer, C.: "Modellbasierte Optmierung der KWK-Betriebsführung in elektrischen Verteilnetzen"; 6. Internatione Energiewirtschaftstagung, Wien, Austria, 11.-13. February 2009


A presentation specially dedicated to the MASSIG objective of marketing electricity from distributed generation - especially Renewable Energy Resources - has been given at the "Forum Solarpraxis", a German Conference addressing especially  decision makers, politicians, representatives of investors and industries. In this presentation a number of ideas on alternative marketing options with special focus on Photovoltaics are discussed, like storage options with innovative plug-in car concepts, contributions to system services for the grid operators or selling electricity at the European power exchanges.  

Bibliography: Erge, T.: "Visionen zur Integration von PV-Strom in das Gesamtsystem der Energieversorgung"; 9. Forum Solarpraxis, 20./21. November 2008, Berlin. proceedings: pp. 68-74