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Our philosophy:

The system of our electrical energy supply is changing: while in the past electricity has been provided by large centralised power plants using conventional energy resources, more and more environmentally friendly and renewable technologies like wind power or Photovoltaics are contributing to our energy mix. Liberalisation of the energy markets in Europe and unbundling of the former integral power companies give the chance for smaller investors and market players to engage in power production. One condition for this, however, that these investments bring a reasonable income for the owners.

Our target:

Currently most decentralised and environmentally friendly power generation systems are subsidised by special feed-in tariffs, grants or other financial support measures. On a long term we feel the necessity, that also such generation technologies need to integrate into the overall system of electricity supply and that they can earn money by selling electricity market products. The goal of the project MASSIG is to show solutions and to discuss ideas, how this can be done.

Our solution:

Of course we still work on the solution, but we have in the project team quite a number of ideas and promising concepts. Examples of such concepts are: Integration in Virtual Power Plants, Aggregation of a larger number of distributed single generators, contribution to different energy market products besides the conventional "selling of energy", involvement in power quality services and others.              


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Selected results:

  • The Final Project Report summarizes all major project results and gives you references to documents with detailed information. Click on the picture of the report for Download.

  • Intelligent marketing of distributed generation can lead to a win-win-situation both for the plant owners and the overall electricity supply. Based on results from MASSIG we worked out a proposal, how Germany could save up to several hundred million Euro per year by adjusting the procedures of the Energy Balancing Markets. Please download our position paper explaining this approach. 
  • You want to know, what energy market products we consider most promising? Have a look at the Deliverable of our Work Package 2 and find a comprehensive selection of most promising market options.
  • You like more practical examples?
    Then this Paper about a concrete concept on how to run CHP units together with thermal stores in Germany and at the same time make a good amount of money may be interesting for you.
  • You want to learn about technical and financial assessment of innovative electricity marketing for existing CHP installations? Go to the NEWS section.

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