One major target for the MASSIG project is to have close contacts to other projects and initiatives targeting at the integration of distributed generation into the overall system of electricity supply in Europe. On this page we present examples of our recent involvement in such actions and give you links for further information.


The MASSIG project team participated at the latest project event of the IEE - Project "RESPOND: Renewable Electricity Supply interactions with conventional Power generation, Networks and Demands." The main general objective of the RESPOND project is to increase the penetration of RES-E and DG in the European electricity system by identifying possible improvements in the electricity system's ability to efficiently integrate high penetrations of RES-E and DG. An effective regulatory framework with a clear responsibility allocation between market and government is of major importance.

Since innovative market solutions, identification of market participants and discussion of regulation frameworks are most relevant for both of the two project, the necessity for information exchange seemed to be obvious.

Data of event: 4th RESPOND-Workshop on the 3rd of February 2009 in Berlin, Germany

Further information about the project can be found here:



"E-Energy: ICT-based energy system of the future" is an initiative of the German Ministries for Economics and Science targeting at project which should demonstrate, which new option for energy markets open up with the application of the new state-of-the-art communication technologies. For the beginning, 6 model regions within Germany will develop innovative solutions and demonstrate them in practical field tests. Major emphasis within all projects is put on the development of new solutions for marketing distributed generation, including smaller and medium size systems, which is exactly the focus of the MASSIG project.

Close contact between MASSIG and E-Energy is given first by direct involvement of the Fraunhofer ISE in Freiburg in one of the model region: Modellregion Cuxhaven. In addition to that, Fraunhofer ISE engages in the collaboration with the E-Energy accompanying research, which will draw general conclusions from all projects and also will be responsible for linking all project teams with each other and transporting information from and to all projects during the whole project duration.

Further information about E-Energy can be found here: Information about the eTelligence project are given here:

Latest major event: First Meeting of the E-Energy-Consortia and accompanying research in Berlin on January 29/30, 2009.


MASSIG Advisory Committee

To discuss strategies and results of the MASSIG project work with experts outside the project team and to involve also professionals from countries other than the member countries of the MASSIG project team, an Advisory Committee was instituted, whose member were in direct contact to the MASSIG team, either with bi-lateral contacts or at larger meetings with project members.

The Advisory Committee included members from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Slovenia and UK. A part of the members represented companies actually engaging in marketing of DG / RES systems thus bringing quite practical information into the MASSIG project team, which was necessary to ensure applicability of the MASSIG project results.

The last meeting of the MASSIG Advisory Committee took place on March 25, 2010 in Brussels, Belgium.